About Us


About Us

Welcome to Dotimals! The home of unique lighting educational craft kits & toys. 

We have been working on Christmas light displays since 2016. Last year we were asked if we could use our lights as a craft project for children for a local Brownie Troop.


We created our first prototype Dotimal (although we did not have a name for it then) and scrambled to get it manufactured in time. It was an Owl, very loosely based on the Brownie Owl. We donated 30 of them to the local Brownie Troop to try out. We were so impressed with the result, every Owl was unique and showcased the wide range of young artistic and creative talent of the children.


We decided the idea was worth pursuing further and hence Dotimals was created.


We now have a range of unique designs including animals and our festive collection. We have a lot more in the works so keep an eye on us for more Dotimals to come.

We hope you enjoy creating your Dotimal and look forward to seeing your unique creations.

We are proud to design and produce our Dotimals templates in the UK. If you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQ please don't hesitate to send us an email at: